Write a legend of your own!
Pantheon Legend is a fantasy Card RPG based on trading card games, adding the creative gameplay of upgrading, evolution and other RPG elements. As the hero of salvation, you need to build up your powerful deck, and finally unify the divines and devils!



  • Hundreds of cards to collect

  • Infinite battles await you

  • In-depth Cultivation System

  • Build your team with friends

  • Athena, King Arthur, Thor… A collection of gods and demons from every corner of time and space!
  • 160 main stages, classic instances and event instances, all of which are designed to challenge your tactical prowess!
  • 4-grade evolution and in-depth cultivation allow you to develop your ultimate hero cards!
  • Found an enemy you can’t defeat? Don’t worry, make an alliance with your friends and overcome the toughest missions together!


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